Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Second Edition

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It looks like our loved ones with Aspergers are in good company. Some of the names that are commonly mentioned as famous people with Aspergers are: Bill Gates - this socially awkward man could definitely think "outside the box".

aspergers dating problems

His obsession or fascination or single-minded focus has made him a Billionairre several times over. I vote for Aspergers. After watching his biography and seeing some of the nuiances I recognize in my son, I believe aspergers dating problems famous person had Aspergers before it was classified as a disorder.

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Isaac Newton - This scientist certainly had a single-minded focus on his work. Allen is, according to some, Asperger-ish in nature. Temple Grandin - She is a designer of humane food animal handling systems, and has been one of the pioneers in Autism and Asperger Awareness.

Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pok?

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In fact, his peers used to call him "Dr. Decide for yourself.

Artikel bewerten The fully revised edition of this bestselling book brings the understanding of sensory perceptual issues in autism up to date with current research.

He's got the social awkwardness, the inability to relate and speak with others on their level, and definitely the intelligence. Gore, give us a yell to let us know. Craig Nicholls - Frontman of the band The Vines. Some other celebrities who may have Aspergers.

ASPIE MEN - The Dangers of Dating Advice & PUA for Men w/ Aspergers