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Details anzeigen 30 Tagen um die Ware zurückzugeben. Das Wichtigste ist Ihre Zufriedenheit mit dem Einkauf.

eno hammock double vs single

Sie können die bei uns bestellten Produkte innerhalb von 30 Tagen ohne Angabe von Gründen zurücksenden. The Duch 'Ghost' is universal, simple and durable, and most of all, a very comfortable hammock, in Olive Green.

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The dimensions of the Duch 'Ghost' are a guarantee of comfort. The ghost does not have elaborate and complicated add-ons and stitches.

eno hammock double vs single

Thanks to its simplicity, it gained very little weight - the hammock weighs just g Single, double, triple The careful, triple seams of the suspension system made of high quality machines eno hammock double vs single excellent quality fabric guarantee resistance to heavy loads - recommended load up to kg.

The Duch 'Ghost' is handy and easy to handle. To enjoy a blissful rest in a hammock, you only need to know two knots and three minutes to lay them down.

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Volume after packing is less than 1 liter - it will fit into any backpack or bag. The hammock can serve not eno hammock double vs single as a way to regenerate rest.

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Thanks to its durable materials and appropriate size, it performs well as an overnight stay for camping, rafting or stopping. Polyamide fabric in ripstop weave reinforced fibers forming a grid pattern with increased strength is lightweight, breathable and pleasant to the skin.

Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Single cayenne

Pre-impregnation increases its resistance to dew and protects against dirt. Hammers are attached to durable cables - the aramid core eliminates the stretching effect of the cable under load and gives the durability kg!

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Included with the Duch 'Ghost' is the Bishop Bag - a double-sided open case that makes it easy to hang and pack the hammock. Mit der Aktivierung der Benachrichtigung erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, nur einmalig Informationen über die Verfügbarkeit dieses Produkts zu senden.

ENO SingleNest VS DoubleNest

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