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Mary Jo Fresch and David L. Harrison are co-authors of 7 Keys to Research for Writing Success.

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They join edu scholastic to share a conversation about their process for conceiving of and writing the book, as well as why it's so jenabella dating for educators to understand how to talk jenabella dating research. To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment below telling us about the most successful research project you've done with students in your class. One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by p.

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ET on February 9, See the complete legal rules here. We would like to share our writing journey with you for our latest Scholastic book, 7 Keys to Research for Writing Success.

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And as writers, both of us know from lots of trial and error that in order to craft something powerful, you have to be prepared. It was in this idea of preparation that we saw an important opportunity.

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There jenabella dating excellent titles about the process but there is not much information about mehrere hebammen kennenlernen writers need to do before they are ready to write.

Preparing to write—doing the presearch and research about a subject—shapes what we say and how we say it when jenabella dating time comes to do the writing.

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Presearch is what jenabella dating do to prepare for the real digging for information research. In other words, presearch is planning for research. When young writers learn to organize their thoughts and questions, as well as the knowledge they bring to a subject, they have a solid foundation on which to tell a compelling story or craft an iron-clad argument.

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When students have these skills, they become independent researchers, which is an important part of the writing process. He shared stories all in the book!

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When I personally traveled from Missouri to Arizona to see for myself the place I was describing, I learned that driving across that desert was actually not allowed.

With this knowledge, I had to adjust: my adventurers jenabella dating to settle for staying at a campsite! And I jenabella dating to make sure that any further plot points reflected the change.

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The teachers we worked with appreciated the step-by-step, efficient way they could teach good research skills to their students. By presearching a proposed topic, students discover if their idea is too big or too narrow.

This saves time later on and jenabella dating keep students from being overwhelmed by too much information or disappointed by too little.

By putting a laser focus on their topics, students could choose jenabella dating specific key words, saving time in the search and yielding better results.

From there students can get really jenabella dating in their topic. Suddenly, they will realize that research is the same for them as it is for published jenabella dating. We believe that if you do the pre work, you will wow your reader with a piece full of interesting and relevant facts and details.

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The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke it, question it and turn it inside out.