Ohm Readings Single Phase Motor

Ohm readings single phase motor, Transformer Test Procedures | Transformer | Power Engineering

Precautions No winding terminal should be grounded, otherwise results would be erratic and confusing. In case tertiary is also connected, ensure the isolation of the same prior to commencement of testing. The secondary circuits of the CTs may be disconnected in the Relay panels in control room.

Primary and secondary leads are said to ohm readings single phase motor the same polarity when at a given instant the current enters the primary lead in question and leaves the secondary lead in question in the same direction as though two leads formed a continuous circuit.

The polarity check can be done by inductive kick with direct current method. In this test, a V battery pack is connected momentarily to the primary P1-P2 of bushing CT under test and the momentarily deflection of pointer of voltmeter Zero centre or analog multimeter in dc m. Amp selection is connected to secondary is dating niedersachsen.

Transformer Test Procedures | Transformer | Power Engineering

If the connections are made as shown in the diagram then the deflection will be upscale when the battery is connected and downscale when the battery is disconnected, if the polarity is in accordance with the terminal marking.

This test is also valid with the battery applied to secondary and the meter connected to primary. Use of mA or mV meter may be made. Precautions: i.

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If a bushing CT installed in a power transformer is being tested by connecting the battery to the power transformer terminals, the other windings on the same phase of the power transformer may have to sort0 circuited in order to obtain a stable reading. It is advisable to demagnetise any CT that is tested by impressing DC voltage across a winding.

Ohm Readings Single Phase Motor

A dangerous voltage may be generated while disconnecting the battery from the transformer winding. Therefore, a knife switch is not used, a hot stick or rubber gloves must be used for connecting and disconnecting the battery.

Saturation level is usually about 1 V per turn in most low- and medium- ratio bushing CTs. At the same time, the overall ratio is being determined, the tap section ratio may be checked with a voltmeter by comparing tap section voltage with the single saarburg voltage across the full winding.

An ammeter is included in the recommended test method as a means of detecting excessive excitation current. Excitation tests is made on CTs for comparison with factory test results or previously measured data to determine if deviations are present. To perform the test, an AC test voltage is applied to the secondary winding with the primary open circuited as shown in the diagram: The test voltage applied to the secondary of the current transformer is varied, and the current drawn by the winding at each ohm readings single phase motor value of voltage is recorded.

Readings near the knee of the excitation curve are especially important in plotting a comparison curve.

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For current transformers with taps, the secondary tap should be selected to assure that the current transformer can be saturated with the test equipment available. The highest tap which can accommodate that requirement should be used.

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The selection of instruments is especially important for this test. The ammeter should be an rms instrument.

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The voltmeter should be ohm readings single phase motor average reading voltmeter. It should be calibrated to give the same numerical indication as an rms voltmeter on sine wave voltage. Any substantial deviation of the excitation curve for the current transformer under test from curves of similar transformers or manufacturers data should be investigated.

Deviation from expected results may indicate a turn-to-turn short circuit, distortion of test supply voltage waveform, or the presence of a completed conducting path around the current transformer core.

The neutral ground must be removed and the CT preferably isolated from its burden for this test.

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Actually, the neutral can be used to test all three phases simultaneously. Meggering core by core to ground keeping other cores temporarily grounded.

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It should be done by V megger for 1 min. The IR value should be compared with those of similar devices or circuits.

Step by Step Troubleshooting of a 240v HVAC Blower Motor Single Phase

Readings lower than those known to be good should be carefully investigated. The generally accepted min. One of the most common reasons for low readings is the presence of moisture. Drying out the equipment and retesting should be considered before it is dismantled.

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Precaution: If relays ohm readings single phase motor left connected to the CT during test, the relay manufacturer should be consulted before test values above V are used.

Many solid-state ohm readings single phase motor designs have surge-suppression capacitors connected from input terminals to ground which may be damaged by use of a higher voltage.

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