Single Phase Induction Motor

Shaded pole single phase induction motor ppt. Principle of Operation

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Single phase induction motor is anAC motorwere electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy shaded pole single phase induction motor ppt perform some physical task. This induction motor requires only one power phase for their proper operation. They are commonly used in low power applications, in domestic and industrial use.

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Simple construction, cheap cost, better reliability, eases to repair and better maintenance are some of its markable advantages.

The basic principle of operation is induction and hence the name Induction Motor.

shaded pole single phase induction motor ppt

The main components of the Single Phaseinduction motor are stator and rotor. Statoris known to be the stationary part. Usually, the single phase alternating supply is given to the stator winding.

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Rotor is the rotating part of the motor. Rotor is connected to the help of a shaft. Asquirrel cage rotoris used here.

shaded pole single phase induction motor ppt

It has a laminated iron core with many slots. Rotor slots are closed or semi-closed type.

Shaded pole Motor

The rotor windings are symmetrical and at the same type it is short circuited. An air gap is there between the rotor and the stator. The most practical applications of this motor are in refrigerators, clocks, drills, pumps, The stator winding in the 1induction motor has two parts: 1.

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Main Winding and 2.