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Single chamber icd pacing

The purpose of this study was to describe the single chamber icd pacing feasibility of combining the S-ICD with other cardiac implantable electronic devices CIEDsincluding pacemakers with transvenous or epicardial electrodes.

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We also provide the first experience of combining an S-ICD with catheter-based therapies, including cardiac contractility modulation CCM and vagus nerve stimulation. In all patients, intraoperative S-ICD testing, crosstalk tests, and postoperative ergometric testing were performed.

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In all 10 patients, device implantations were successfully single chamber icd pacing without complications. Mean follow-up was nearly 17 months.

S-ICD testing and crosstalk testing before and during exercise enabled device programming across a broad range of test conditions and was associated with no subsequent evidence of adverse device interaction. None of the devices required permanent inactivation or removal, and no patient received an inappropriate shock.

Defibrillator-Pacemaker: What's the Difference?

In suitable patients, combining an S-ICD with CCM or pacemaker may provide an acceptable means to reduce the number of transvascular leads. DOI: doi

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